Deathwish at the edge of damnation

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On August 29, 2010 DYS headlined the Gallery East reunion show in front of over 1,000 fans, along with fellow Boston hardcore punk pioneers Jerry's Kids , Gang Green and The .'s , as well as New York City’s Antidote and Slapshot. The reunion line-up included an additional guitar player, Bobby Frankenheim (Ex-Deathwish), and new drummer Jack Clark of Jerry's Kids and Unnatural Axe. The show was shot for the movie xxx ALL AGES xxx , a documentary about the hardcore punk scene in Boston in the 1980s. [4] A live album of the performance was released on August 9, 2011, on Bridge 9 Records , as "More than Fashion: LIVE from the Gallery East Reunion" on vinyl and Digital formats.

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The innovations of the San Diego scene eventually spread elsewhere, such as to the Seattle group The Blood Brothers . [17] Many groups from the East Coast were influential in the continual development and reinvention of the style, including Orchid , [18] [19] Pg. 99 , Saetia , [20] City of Caterpillar , [2] Jeromes Dream , Circle Takes the Square , Hot Cross , and Ampere . [21]

Deathwish At The Edge Of DamnationDeathwish At The Edge Of DamnationDeathwish At The Edge Of DamnationDeathwish At The Edge Of Damnation