The soul jazzmen inhlupeko distress

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After belatedly completing his formal training with the concert pianist Eileen John, Hugh joined the ranks of Kenny Ball's Jazzmen in November 1987. He is equally at home playing Dixieland through to Be-Bop and beyond, and classical music - but only behind locked doors!

Fats Navarro was considered Dizzy’s main rival, as superbly demonstrated on the Fats Navarro Memorial Album , issued shortly after his death. Navarro, born in Key West, Florida, and of Cuban-Black-Chinese parentage, was a major influence on Clifford Brown and many others that followed him, but he died aged just 26.

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The Soul Jazzmen Inhlupeko DistressThe Soul Jazzmen Inhlupeko DistressThe Soul Jazzmen Inhlupeko DistressThe Soul Jazzmen Inhlupeko Distress