Simple minds sparkle in the rain

Signs of a possible change in musical direction into a more stadium-oriented sound first became apparent during a series of live performances in the summer months of 1983 by Simple Minds to huge European crowds. [12] Lead singer Jim Kerr returned to a natural, unadorned facial and hair style, as "whatever they would have to say would be in the music." [12] "Those gigs brought us back to the rawest kind of state, I think," Kerr said. "In places like that, 50,000 people, there's just no room for subtlety, and there's no need for it, there's no want for it." [13] This foresaw the band coming into direct contact with U2 for the first time at the Belgian rock festival Torhout-Werchter ; upon meeting the two bands immediately developed a strong liking for each other. [13] Kerr remarked, "we saw a lot of ourselves in them and vice versa," and refuted the accusation that Simple Minds were merely joining the "new rock" led by U2. [14] "We get this thing levelled at us of being influenced by them, but they're equally influenced by us. It might be in a much subtler sense, in dynamics or some of the sounds." [13]

In Sonic Rainboom , Twilight Sparkle explains that non-Pegasus ponies require a magic spell to be able to walk on clouds, while Pegasus ponies naturally possess this ability. Gilda , a griffon, has no trouble walking on clouds in Griffon the Brush Off . In May the Best Pet Win! , birds and other winged creatures walk on clouds, too. Tank sits on a cloud in Tanks for the Memories . There are some instances of non-Pegasus background ponies standing on clouds during Sonic Rainboom, The Cutie Mark Chronicles , and Sweet and Elite , one of which is explained as an animation error by one of the show's layout artists. [2]

Simple Minds Sparkle In The RainSimple Minds Sparkle In The RainSimple Minds Sparkle In The RainSimple Minds Sparkle In The Rain