Nathan davis suite for dr martin luther king jr

Nathan Davis celebrates the life and impact of Martin Luther King, Jr. with music as profound and far-reaching as its subject, veering from bold electric jazz-funk to meditative interludes complete with poetic spoken word narration read by University of Pittsburgh professor Donald M. Henderson. With its large-scale supporting cast (including vocalist Brenda Joyce), vibrant horn arrangements, and unusual instrumentation, this is Davis ' most ambitious and cinematic LP, operating on a canvas as vast as its creator's imagination.

I’m not one of Dr. Millett’s famous patients, but he and his staff made me feel like one. For 8 years—since I was 14—I suffered from chronic scapula pain. Sixteen doctors, countless diagnostic tests and 4 weeks at one of the top chronic pain management clinics in the country failed to diagnose, let alone relieve my pain. So I searched the internet and found Dr. Millett. Like all the other doctors, he did not see any abnormalities on my images; but unlike the other doctors, he did not stop there. He did not make me any promises, but he offered me a surgical plan and, most importantly, hope. By that time, I had forgotten how to hope. I am now a little over 6 weeks post-op and my pain is gone. I feel great and now look forward to resuming a full practice, recording and performance schedule (I’m a professional musician). Dr. Millett and his staff are second to none. If you have a seemingly unsolvable medical problem, I have hope for you; and the reason for my hope are Dr. Millett and his staff. Be well.

Nathan Davis Suite For Dr Martin Luther King JrNathan Davis Suite For Dr Martin Luther King JrNathan Davis Suite For Dr Martin Luther King JrNathan Davis Suite For Dr Martin Luther King Jr