Various volume 2 program 10

As huge fans of Larytta, we would have been grateful if they handed gave us some “outtakes ” or more “experimental” jams but instead they turned in their best, maybe catchiest output to date. It’s an exciting glimpse of what’s to come from this increasing unclassifiable eclectic duo. The opener “You Got Nothing” is equal parts humorous art-pop and tribal electronics, lightly accented by Caribbean flourishes and new wave synths. The bright “Promises” sounds like a hit to us, anchored by a sunny african guitar line it’s crooning electronic R&B/pop has been in our heads since the moment we heard it. Lastly, they give us their dance-floor banger “Play Me Loud (Futuro)”. Think fire + melody and you get Larytta’s third and final contribution to the release. 
If Larytta is your soundtrack to sipping daquiris in the sand, Bauchamp is what’s playing on the beach’s dance party. Exploring many of the same influences (techno, funk, latin) as the a-side, Bauchamp transforms them into his own unique, intoxicating dance-focused brew. In the bouncy “Calypso”, synth bass and steel drum melodies riff off each other over housey drum program ming and analog island-jazz. “Tchumu” rides a sped up, funk bassline while the meticulous arrangements turn the rhythm track inside out, getting a lot of mileage out of little bit. While the careful production takes a cue from Cologne and the “microhouse” it spawned, Bauchamp is sonically more melodic and playful fitting well with Larytta’s poppier a-side. FoF Volume 2 will be on released once again on a 100% organic cotton tee(Alternative Apparel), designed by Tatiana Rihs and including the incredible seed-paper(you can plant them!) download card with a code to retrieve the album and exclusive remixes from Lazer Sword, The Chap, Hecuba, Round Table Knights, Otic Angst and more…… 

Various Volume 2 Program 10Various Volume 2 Program 10Various Volume 2 Program 10Various Volume 2 Program 10